Sixty Glorious Years

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Title: Sixty Glorious Years
Year: 1938
Genres: Drama
Actors: Anna Neagle, Anton Walbrook, C. Aubrey Smith, Walter Rilla, Charles Carson, Felix Aylmer, Lewis Casson, Pamela Standish, Gordon McLeod, Henry Hallett, Herbert Wilcox
Directors: Herbert Wilcox
Movie duration: 95 min.

Picking up where Victoria the Great (1937) left off, this sequel to the 1937 film has Anna Neagle return to the role of Queen Victoria in another colorful account of the revered British monarch's reign. This film offers a stellar chronicle of Victoria's relationship with Prince Albert (Anton Walbrook) as well as the political and military upheavals that characterized her time as Queen.

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“Sixty Glorious Years”