The Good-for-Nothing

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Title: The Good-for-Nothing
Year: 1914
Genres: Comedy; Drama; Western
Actors: Gilbert M. ‘Broncho Billy’ Anderson, Lee Willard, Elsa Lorimer, Carl Stockdale, Evelyn Selbie, Victor Potel, Gilbert M. ‘Broncho Billy’ Anderson
Directors: Gilbert M. ‘Broncho Billy’ Anderson
Movie duration: 90 min.

Gilbert Sterling had never wanted for anything. He had been given plenty of money to do with as he pleased, and it was perhaps the fault of his parents that he became worthless, good-for-nothing. The firm of John Sterling and Sons bad been organized by his father, and. when Gilbert was old enough, he took active part in the management. Gilbert's love for the gay life led him away from his duties, and it was nothing unusual for him to spend six nights out of the week with questionable company. Early one morning, intoxicated, Gilbert finds his way to his home. His father reprimands him and finally puts him out of the house, telling him "never to return." Ralph, Gilbert's brother, is engaged to a society belle by the name of Gertrude Chapin, and the end of the second reel shows the two families making arrangements for the wedding. Years later, we see Gilbert a ragged, good-for-nothing tramp in the far west. His happy-go-lucky ways and mannerisms are appreciated by the men in the small town, who pay little attention to him, except for contributing the "makings" or an occasional twenty-five-cent piece. In the meantime, Ralph has engaged in a crooked deal. His father becomes furious and will not reconcile himself to the commercial transactions. The son leaves his office, swearing that he is through with the firm. Sterling and Son, forever. He associates himself with another company and forces his father to the wall, breaking him. The old clerk, who had befriended Gilbert many times, pleads with Ralph to help his father, but for his trouble he is requested to leave the office. Gilbert befriends an Indian who is taken with smallpox, and as a reward, Is left a deed for the Lone Star Mine. He prospers, and after months of labor, becomes very wealthy. His father and mother, in the city, now destitute, are taken to the poorhouse, Ralph having refused to help them in any way. A letter from the east informs Gilbert of his parents' whereabouts, and he hastens to them, restoring them to their old home. Ralph tries to corner the wheat market and Gilbert gets the tip and "breaks" him, and the pretty society butterfly Ralph had married deserts him, now that he is penniless. The worthless son finally saves the life of his brother, and a happy ending takes place, the family now reunited and the old firm name "Sterling and Sons" re-established.

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